Saturday, October 2, 2010

books & crafts

Reading and being crafty are two of my favorite things, so here's a great way to combine my loves: making my own bookplates.

I've been wanting an embosser or stamp for this purpose for a long time, something fun like one of these, from Etsy seller sweetpaperie:
Now that we're in a house for definitely 5 years, I'm finally going to get an address stamp along the lines of the above, which could double as a book stamp for future acquisitions. I was hesitant about stamping my address in my books, since it won't always be my address, but hubby suggested it might be nice, since it marks the era when we got the book.

But in my pre-this house books, I'm thinking I need something address-less, so I've done some inspiration hunting for something I can pull together in Photoshop. If I pick something that's not rectangular, then I'll probably print it out and paste it inside the covers. Otherwise, I can get some labels from Staples and print them right on to stickers (side note: this could be a great little homemade gift come Christmas time...).

So, the inspirations:
From sweetpaperie - I love a monogram.

Another simple one, from Wordlabel.

From Martha.

Such a variety of styles - modern, elegant, funky - got to decide on a theme and then get creating!

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