Wednesday, October 6, 2010

stripey walls

I love a good geometric pattern, including any and all stripes - and striped walls are fabulous (see some great examples here, which got me thinking...). But I'm not sure striped walls are really the style of the rest of my house. So what better place to have some fun with this than with my newly conceived basement craft area idea?! Plus, I can try it out for free with the various leftover paints from the rest of the house, so not too big a deal if I don't end up happy with it.

I love something like this classic stripe in the 2008 HGTV Dream Home via The Inspired Room and also the very sophisticated bathroom from Young House Love, but I'm thinking something a little more fun for the craft area - maybe varied width stripes. Plus, that's a better way to use more than two colors, which I kinda need to do because I'm using paint leftovers of varying amounts.
So I did a quick Google Image search for striped walls and picked out a few inspirations for multicolor/varied widths:Don't like the colors, but I like the pattern idea
(from This Old House, complete with tutorial).

Here's a different take - actually a wallpaper.

I like this - fixed width, but three colors (source).

My favorite stripe pattern so far (source).

Ooh, but I also love this one (source).

So I'll be mulling over these and trying out some tape on the wall. I'm also working on another craft area project with leftover paint, so stay tuned! I've been scheming....

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