Sunday, November 21, 2010

christmas cards

Now that we're pretty much all grown up (i.e., own our first home and both have incomes), it's time to take one more step into the adult world: Christmas cards! I would love to design something of my own but have to admit that despite my great ambitions, my graphic design skills are really limited and I only end up getting really frustrated (just ask Peter).

But not to worry: Shutterfly has tons of good designs for Christmas cards and holiday photo cards, and they're even giving away 50 free cards to bloggers (learn more)!

It was hard to narrow down all the ones I liked, but I really was drawn to the new (to me) trend of built in text or extra space to include a little note - no need to write any additional letter or anything to be able to include updates about the past year. Here are my favorites in that category:

I especially like the first one, because we have indeed had quite a year to report on, with a med school graduation, moving to a new city, buying our first house, and getting our first dog...

So now just to make an actual selection and hunt down some good photos. I'm hoping to get my mum to take a few "family" (with Ginger!) photos over Thanksgiving; in the meantime, time to start compiling some addresses.

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