Tuesday, November 2, 2010

craft table

Recently my friend Becky posted about a trend she's loving: chevron. I loved the inspiration pieces she shared, and since I've lately been thinking about repurposing with paint and setting up a little crafting area, this project, via Bower Power, really caught my eye:

[photo from Bower Power]

So, I thought, why not do up my old lime green table?!

I love the chevron pattern and almost went with that, but since I'm doing striped walls, I didn't want things to look too crazy and patterned. So instead I decided to just go with a simple border.

The best part of this project, besides how fabulous it looks, is that I did it for FREE. I just looked through the various paint cans we had in the basement and decided to do the overall color with the slate gray, of which the previous owners left at least half a gallon after painting the basement floor with it. So that ties in nicely with the floor, and then since I love yellow and gray together, I used the leftover Martha Stewart "Cornmeal" from our kitchen for the lines. (Not to mention that this was a repurposed table, which I originally got at Ikea for about $40 about 5 years ago.)

gray paint on and taped up for the border

Very simple, but now the table is a bit more sophisticated from the old lime green look, and it goes with its new room (striped walls to be unveiled soon). Also I kind of like how it looks like lines of yellow tape.

finished product


  1. that looks great! it actually reminds me of the credenza kate at centsational girl just did. the colors are awesome- what a fun place to craft!

  2. Anne, I love this! How did I not know about copy-craft? Awesome stuff, my friend! Great table too--can't wait to see the stripes!

  3. Thanks!

    And Becky, I've been kind of quietly working on this until I was sure I'd really keep up with it... and I've been having way too much fun scheming projects and hunting down inspiration. So the official reveal to come soon :)

  4. You did such a great job. I love gray with yellow.



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