Saturday, November 13, 2010

music print candles

Having been reunited with the piano of my youth this summer, it's fun to see lots of music sheet projects around blog land. But I especially love these candles that caught my eye in a recent Pottery Barn catalogue:
But they cost $16 and $29.

Luckily, I recently cleaned out my piano music and had a pile that I was planning on getting rid of. Also lucky - ModPodge is not flammable. So here's all you need to do to have a similar candle for way cheaper:

Sheet music
Paper trimmer
White tissue paper (optional)First, just cut the music paper to the correct height. A regular sheet was not wide enough to go around my candles, so I had to cut two - make sure that the bars line up where you cut the second one, so you don't have some wonky looking music on your candle.

Then brush ModPodge on the back of the paper and wrap it around the candle. I overlapped my pieces slightly, and it didn't end up being very noticeable at all.

You could be finished at that point (by brushing a layer of ModPodge on the outside of the paper on the candle), or, to get a little more muted look, you can add tissue paper.
I used the straight edge of the paper around the top of the candle and left a bit of extra at the bottom for folding over. Then I just secured one end at one of my paper seams, covered the rest of the candle, and gently rolled on (don't press too hard or the tissue will rip). Then fold over the bottom and put a light layer of ModPodge on the outside, and you're done!
You could also do a sort of sheer glitter in place of the tissue paper. I saw the candles in person at Pottery Barn, and they were a bit shimmery/glittery, which also looked nice.
These would be great holiday decorations or gifts. And instead of buying, you can go handmade for super cheap:
  • Candles: half off at Hobby Lobby, for a total of $8.50
  • ModPodge: already had, but you can get it for about $5 at a craft store
  • Sheet music: free from stash, but I bet you could find some at Goodwill or even online and print it
  • Tissue paper: free, saved from store or gift wrapping of some sort
I don't think mine are quite as great as the Pottery Barn ones, but for $8.50 vs. their $45, I'll take it!


  1. I think they're great! ;) And, the price.. whoohoo!

  2. do you think you can burn them? great job!

  3. Love these THRIFTY music sheet candles!!!


    Christmas is right around the corner…hop over to enter my gift card GIVEAWAY…WIN some Christmas cash!

  4. Your idea sorta inspired me! I am going to print sheet music onto some clear transparency film in a copier and slip it into a glass vase and put in a candle (battery operated) with some faux greenery. My son is in choir this year for the first time and I want to give one to his choir teacher! Thanks for the idea! - Karen

  5. Alternatively, you could this kind of transfer on a glass and slip a candle inside:

    Lots of fun different options!

  6. Hi Anne,
    I love your blog! Keep those good ideas coming....might even use a few in my classroom. Have a great Holiday, hugs to your mom. Kathy

  7. Hi Anne:
    What a cool tutorial. I am going to try it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. I think you did a great job! Instead of the tissue paper, you could also tint the sheet music with ink, coffee, tea or diluted paint! Just sayin'... =)

  9. Omgjlasdfoisdfie. I would also like my piano from my childhood and I'd totally love to make these candles for it.


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