Friday, December 3, 2010

3 - paper globe ornaments

Since it's the first Christmas in our house, I've had quite a few decorations to buy: I got some things for the outside and also stockings - now that we have a mantel! I also came back from Thanksgiving with an artificial tree that my mom was not planning to use (thanks, mom!), but I don't really have a lot of ornaments around since we never had a full-sized tree in our apartment. I didn't really want to spend any money on tree decorations, especially since I know as soon as my mom reads this, she'll be packing up all my childhood ornaments to send home with me on my next visit, so I decided to go with some easy paper globe ornaments.Supplies:
  • paper cut into strips of various lengths - I used various reds; in the inspiration project, Martha recycled holiday greeting cards
  • hole punch
  • paper fasteners
  • festive string/cord for hanging
All you need to do is punch a hole at both ends of the paper strips, attach the fasteners, and fan out to make a globe. You can vary the number of strips depending on how much space you want between them. On the ornaments made from longer strips, I did 15-18 strips, and on the shorter ones, I usually did 10-12 strips.
I cranked out a whole bunch of these sitting in front of the TV and then wound some gold elastic cord around one of the fasteners on each to make a loop for hanging.

I love all the sentimental ornaments (made when I was young, given to me throughout the years, etc.) on the tree at my parents' house, but I'm also a big fan of a uniform look when it comes to tree decorating, so I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. And it really was inexpensive - most of the paper I had on hand but spent maybe $2.50 on some more, about $2.50 on the fasteners, $2 on the gold elastic cord for hanging, and $8.50 on lights (buy one get one free at CVS). And I have plans to make a skirt out of a $5 (half off with coupon!) tablecloth from Target...

found this fun paper at Michael's that's double sided - so you
get a little peek of red & white when you look up close.

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  1. How sweet! They'd look awesome with some glitter on too! :)

  2. in my mind i was packing those ornaments before you mentioned that i would be. gah. so predictable.

    the ornaments are nifty. and thrifty. nice work!

  3. I've tried some of these paper ornaments, but yours are SO much better. I'm inspired.

  4. These are great! I love this idea! I'm decorating a tree for a church dinner next week, and there's 0$, so these will be perfect!

  5. love these i featured them today

  6. I heart these so bad. :) I featured them today in my post!

  7. These are really fantastic and you make them look so easy! I like a coordianted tree, too.

    Visiting here from Just a Girl Show & Share.

  8. Love your ornaments, they will look great with my paper bird ornaments


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