Saturday, December 4, 2010

4 - puppy decorations

Now that the house is festive, here are some ideas to make the dog festive!

I saw this collar at PetSmart earlier in the week, but they only had large sizes left that were too big for Ginger. Luckily, I've been working on some projects that involve similar flowers, so I made my own!
I just used a green felt flower from my other project, glued a bead in the middle, and pinned the whole thing onto a $3 red collar from Target.Of course an even easier festive look is a bow... I just glued one onto a pin and put it on the same collar in place of the flower.

She's a very tolerant puppy :)


  1. It looks like Ginger is thrilled with her new collar! I've just prettied up a collar for one of my dogs too! great minds think alike, lol)

  2. hmmm. wondering if i should take the time to try to make one for louise or hope that you're making one for your old gal pal.


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