Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas craft haul

I've been on crafting break over Christmas (aside from handing out my homemade gifts!), but I'm ready to go with some new projects in the new year with these great gifts I received:

I found these nifty Martha Stewart tools in my stocking from my mom:

My grandma gave me a calligraphy kit that includes instruction manuals, ink, pens, paper, etc., which is perfect because I learned a bit of calligraphy a long time ago and was starting to think about picking it up again.
(similar idea to what I received)

My grandma also gave me a box of various ornaments that she's made in the past, so now I have lots of prototypes for future crafting.

And finally... from my in-laws, a sewing machine! I'm not a very skilled sewer, but I would like to be (and I already have some project ideas lined up).


  1. I'll be anxious to see your sewing projects- I've tried a few in the last year but sometimes I think I should just go fot it and take a class or something. Can't seem to commit though!

  2. I made a class one of my resolutions for the year.... I think it will really get me going!


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