Monday, February 21, 2011

leather wrap bracelet

I finally got around to my first Project ReStyle project this weekend... One item I've been wanting to restyle into something new was my leather gloves, because one day while I was in the shower, the dog managed to get into my purse and do this to one of them:

Now that one of my gloves was not so much usable as a glove, I thought I'd repurpose the material into a wrap bracelet.

First I removed the fuzzy lining and then used a straight edge and rotary cutter to cut loops. After detaching the stitching to turn the loops into strips, I attached three of them with grommets, and then added more grommets for embellishment.

After that I put a ribbon clamp on one end, wrapped around my wrist to determine the right length, trimmed a little off the leather, and then added the other clamp with clasp.


  1. Are you kidding me? This is amazing! I love it! So now you're thanking Ginger for chewing your glove, right? :)

  2. That is just gorgeous, good luck in the monthly blogger compt :)


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