Sunday, March 20, 2011

squeaky peep toy

Turns out Ginger loves stuffed toys with squeakers. Her form of love looks like the following:
I spend a lot of time picking up bits of stuffing around the house...

Since she goes through these things so fast, I decided to recycle the plastic squeaker thingies from inside of them and make her a couple new ones. And when I saw this cutest-thing-ever peep bunting from Made, I had a perfect shape for Ginger's first homemade toy.
Photo from Made's bunting tutorial...I think this is my next project
  • Peeps bunny template (from tutorial link above), enlarged to desired size
  • Fabric (probably tougher is better, but I went to the remnant bin and couldn't pass up 50 cents for this one)
  • Squeaker recycled from old dog toy
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing machine
And okay, I'm not even going to attempt real tutorial instructions on this one - I got a sewing machine for Christmas and finally today had the mental fortitude to figure out how to wind a bobbin and string the thread through the crazy configuration necessary to sew... so this is my very first project.

Thus I don't really know what I'm talking about when it comes to sewing, but basically you sew the little bunny like it's a pillow - do it inside out, leave a little hole so that you can stuff it once you turn it right side out, and then stitch. I added the eyes with a brown sharpie.
I sewed something without mom supervision!

I'm not sure whether, after figuring out how to set up the sewing machine without too much difficulty, I was being cocky or stupid in picking a shape with this many curves. Turned out slightly wonky, but seeing as how I was just going to hand it over to be chewed, it was a good practice piece.


  1. the "mom" is impressed! ginger looks cute eating her peep

  2. excellent project! she looks happy!

  3. I love this idea! We have a 6 month old black lab female pup and shes gone through so many toys already and I know I can make my own but I wasn't to sure about it until I saw your idea its to cute to pass up. I'm also now following you, you have a cute blog with great ideas. Maybe you could come a check out my blog, Friday I'm starting my first link party on crafts, furniture make overs and sewing I'd love it if you would link up this or another projects!


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