Monday, June 6, 2011

summer fun list

I love it when summer rolls around. Nice weather gets me excited about getting out and about, and long daylight hours make me feel much more energized (am I the only one who can't handle staying up past 10 in the winter but have no problem with 11 in the summer). And even though I'm too old to get summer break anymore, I still always have grand schemes of things to do and see in the warm months.

So I loved the idea I saw on Sweet and Lovely Crafts to make a summer fun checklist, to ensure I make the most of summer and have my fun before the seasons change on me again.... She's got a cute free printable with lots of fun ideas, but since I don't have kids, I came up with my own version. I thought I'd add a few for the puppy too.

And I've been bookmarking lots of projects to do on Pinterest... here are a few potential ones to do this summer:

map art
Source: via Anne on Pinterest

braided leather bracelet

pretty paper lanterns

alphabet embroidery


  1. love the idea of the hearts with the maps. I love maps and globes. If you have a chance jump over to my space. Have a lovely day, Maria

  2. I've been pinning a lot of DIY crafts on Pinterest too! I haven't been much of a "DIY" kind of girl in the past, but I've found so many great ideas on there that I really want to try!

    PS. Saw your comment on Good Life for Less regarding Russ'. I also grew up in Holland! (oh, and love Russ'...don't know if I should admit that, but come on--everybody loves Russ', right?!)


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