Monday, December 19, 2011

fancy pants cookies

Any way you decorate your sugar cookies, they're bound to be tasty, but I think these marbled designs are quite an elegant way to decorate - and pretty easy too. I got the idea from a Martha Stewart special Christmas projects magazine I bought several years ago, and I've been doing this instead of sprinkles ever since.

  • Sugar cookies (recipe here)
  • Icing
  • Food coloring
  • Piping bags/tips
  • Toothpicks

Start with some cutout cookies (my favorite recipe here) and mix up some basic frosting of powdered sugar + milk by adding milk in very small amounts to powdered sugar until you get a good consistency for spreading - not too thick, not too runny. You'll need a couple of different colors - I left some plain white, and then did some green and some red. A tip for making red frosting: start by making pink with a gel coloring, and then add the red gel coloring in. You'll use a lot less and actually get a red. Once the frosting is ready, put it into piping bags with small tips.

Spread a base color onto the cookie, and then pipe on some horizontal stripes of a different color. Run the toothpick through the stripes vertically, and voila! You can pull the toothpick through in just one direction (e.g. down) or do it up and down for a variation on the look.

To make the snowman with hearts, just make dots instead of stripes (and don't mind my stained fingertip - that gel coloring can make a mess!):
 They turn out slightly too pretty to eat, but that actually doesn't tend to hold me back much...

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  1. Love the royal icing looks! It's so fun to work with.

  2. You cookies look great! Thanks for linking up with me last week for Friday Favorites! I'm featuring you this week! Come by and grab my featured button if you'd like one!


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