Monday, December 12, 2011

fresh and easy wreath

This year I wanted fresh greens for Christmas decorations, but I didn't have much time, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. Enter the $5 20-foot garlands I found at Home Depot... I used one on the mantel earlier, and then when I realized I was too busy to go to the greens workshop at church to make an evergreen wreath like I did last year, I picked up another garland and fashioned myself a quick garnish for the front door:

Step 1 - start with a garland, and cut it in half (bonus - now you have a perfect amount left over to wrap around a lamp post!).

Step 2 - wind garland into circle size of your choice and wrap floral wire around at intervals to secure the loop (you can kind of strategically place and hide the wire with the needles). Hold it up to see if there are any floppy bits - like that guy sticking up at the top right - and secure those with wire.

Step 3 - attach a bow or embellishment of your choosing and hang it up!

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