Wednesday, March 14, 2012

fabric birds

Waking up to birds chirping is one of the loveliest things about spring... which reminded me of these adorable fabric birds I pinned ages ago from Jen Loves Kev. The original idea/pattern is from Spool, and these are so fun because you can use up your pretty fabric scraps (I also picked up a few really inexpensive pieces from the remnant bin) and whip out a few rather quickly - and the possibilities are endless...

Start by downloading the pattern from Spool (here), and follow the instructions to cut out and assemble. I picked out springy fabrics from my stash and had fun mixing and matching patterns - you can even add a third pattern/color by tacking on some wings at the end.

The instructions on the PDF download are a little sparse (for a beginner sewer like me anyway) so I did a little search for others who had made these birdies, and I found some very helpful hints/photos for figuring out how to pin the body and belly pieces together at Lou Lou's Homemade. Check there for the detailed step-by-step; here's the quickie version:

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