Tuesday, September 28, 2010

copy-craft corner

I've always loved the idea of craft centers, especially since seeing Rosie O'Donnell's featured in her magazine when I was in high school. My mom and I created our very own craft center on one end of the basement with cabinets and shelves and a crafting table, which I promptly filled with all the supplies of my many obsessive craft phases: decoupage, mosaics, paper-making, etc.

I miss the craft center. And I still love them and am always scheming about how I can get myself one. I had a little corner of the living room in our apartment when we got a new dining table, which was nice. In the new house, the extra bedrooms are serving as an office and a guest room, but our unfinished basement is clean enough that I think I could turn a little section into a craft area. These inspirations would suit my requirement for beauty and utility.

from Martha

from Good Housekeeping - lots of Ikea items here

from LovelyDesign - love that this one is tucked into a closet

from flickr
I don't really know how to sew, but I want that spool rack!

(fancy enough to be called "studio", actually)


  1. hmmmm. let's see:

    1) you make a new blog and fail to tell me

    2) we make a craft center at home and you leave

    3) you leave mega craft supplies at my home

    4) you have a craft area of your own -

    5) you need to take supplies from my house to your house!

  2. 1) there was no failure to tell - it was just awaiting a reveal (rebeal)!

    2) the proximity of the timing couldn't be helped. didn't you want me to get college educated?

    3) yes, i miss those supplies

    4) yes, indeed

    5) i thought you'd never ask! will come and collect over thanksgiving :)


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