Thursday, October 28, 2010

a little vanity

Here's another in the series of "things you might as well try painting because they can't really look worse": the vanity in our master bathroom. Pretty much everything in the bathroom is rather cheap-o, but spending money on it is not something we have any real desire to do at the moment - so I was looking for a couple quick fixes. We painted, hung new towel bars, and replaced the light fixture.

(don't mind me there - only original I could
find was from house hunting album...)

Recently I decided to tackle the vanity in all its peeling veneer glory (the part with the worst peeling was hidden next to the shower; didn't notice that one till after we moved in). A little sanding, priming, and painting, and I think the sophistication level's gone up a notch.


The total cost: approx. $40 for primer, paint, and 2 fun knobs from Anthropologie. And I managed to make it look better! (Unfortunately there's nothing paint can do for the scalloped sink basin and the crooked hanging doors...)

Shared on Piece of Work Wednesday.


  1. yes, it definitely looks much better this way, and much more up to date. thanks so much for joining my party!

  2. Looks great! I'm going to be tackling the (twin to yours!) vanity in the kids' bathroom next month. Nice job!

  3. Huge improvement! You took 20 years off the age of your bathroom.

  4. Wow, that transformation is amazing for the few fixes you did. Great job!


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