Sunday, November 14, 2010

graph paper notecards

Here's another homemade gift I've made with my mom for a previous Christmas: graph paper notecards. This is basically the easiest homemade gift ever, but it's great because it can be customized in a million ways to suit your recipient.

  • Graph-ruled 4X6 index cards (mine are from Staples)
  • Computer
  • Printer
All you need to do is open a word processing program, set the page size to 4X6, type whatever you want at the top, and print a stack.

You can play around with different words and colors ...

... or different fonts and monograms ...
... or make a personalized stack in one color/font or many ... possibilities are endless!
Easy and cute packaging suggestion: a bit of ribbon and a sharpie (who doesn't love a sharpie?!).
These are a great little gift for a teacher, co-worker, or hostess, and they're quite economical: 100 notecards cost me about $2.50, and you could do a few sets with that (just want a respectable looking stack thickness...). You can buy sharpies individually at some places like Staples; otherwise get a big set (even at Hobby Lobby - with coupon!) and break it apart for individual gifts.

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  1. um, cute and all, but you didn't reference YO MA MA who was instrumental in coming up with this ideas years ago. just saying.

  2. you're in the first sentence! but yes, i should acknowledge it's completely your idea.

  3. You are right - who doesn't love a Sharpie? These are darling!

  4. Cute! :) Thanks, Anne's mom! ;)

  5. I love the graph style index cards. I've never noticed them before.

  6. so previous!!! If you have a chance come link up at Ladybug Blessings Handmade Tuesdays @

  7. adorable, and a great teacher gift! I've never seen those fancy index cards..will have to look for them.


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