Friday, December 10, 2010

10 - pretty packaging

Every year I like to pick out a fun new roll of wrapping paper and wrap all of my gifts with it. I just love a uniform-looking pile of gifts.

2008's red and white dots th
eme (the white boxes even have polka dotted ribbon!)

this year's pile wrapped in Ikea paper with handmade tags and gold cord - so far! still shopping...

Here are some great ideas for wrapping that I've seen around (and don't forget to finish off your pretty packages with some fabulous tags!):
  • If you still need to find your great roll of wrapping paper for this year, check out the round up at Creature Comforts.
  • If you're doing any baked goods, I love these doily decal tins (below) from Martha.
  • For long/thin things like bottles - mailing tubes made to look like yule logs from Martha.
  • Fun monogram stamped white paper from Good Housekeeping.
  • Adorable shirt-wrapped box (above) from Country Living.
  • And if you're in a recycling mood, here's a great idea for using things like cereal boxes from Blah to Tada.

Or just go to one of my very favorite stores - the Container Store - and ooh and ah over all of their rows of boxes and bags and paper...
the little boxes on these windows would be great for showcasing baked
goodies... and of course there are lots of options for embellishing these guys!

these don't even need wrapping paper, they're so cute

lots more options for your baked goods or bottles and the like

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  1. I am SO obsessed with those martha doily tins. I need them. I kind of love anything with a snowflake motif (i've crafted so many weird things with snowflake designs... curse of living in minnesota?)

    I love wrapping this all pretty- cool post!


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