Monday, December 27, 2010

hand-made christmas

Now that I've given all my gifts, I can finally share what I've been up to! Here are the hand-made presents I did this year:

For Peter's brother and sister-in-law, monogrammed napkins for each family member. The napkins come in 4-packs, so I did cute little fruits on the remaining ones, which can be used by guests or any particularly messy family member who has soiled his own (and I say "his" because with 4 of the 5 family members being male, and 3 of those males being little boys, it's bound to happen...).

For Peter's sister, a fun bracelet:

For my Grandma Judy, a poinsettia pillow cover:

For Ginger the puppy, embellished microfiber cloths. She loves to go out in any weather, so she's been coming back inside a bit wet lately with all the snow romping. These will be handy to keep by the door for some quick wipe-downs:

And for all the ladies in my life (grandmas, aunts, moms, cousins, sisters), I made felt flower pins (tutorial examples here and here). I printed "merry christmas from anne" on 5X7 cardstock and cut them in half; then I punched 2 small holes to thread the pin through. There were a variety of flower pin colors so the ladies could choose their favorite color or the one that would look best with their coat...


  1. I made fabric flowers as gifts, but they look way different (as I totally made up my versions, they are "homemade" looking haha, with buttons in the center.

    I'm going to have to try the kind you made. I also love that pointsettia pillow cover!
    Great ideas!

  2. what cute ideas! love your blog, your newest follower! :-)

    come visit me sometime.

    {the appraiser's wife}

  3. I already have had several compliments on my flower pin. Looks fab with my scarf from Aunt Harrie. And I have a request from Maggie. She wants a pink one. I told her that I thought maybe Anne would be able to make her one. Then she wanted to drive to Anne's house right then. When I said that trip would take several hours(almost as long as it take to to go to New York) she asked if we could take food with us. So be warned, Anne, we may be heading to your place one of these days....


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