Thursday, December 23, 2010

other people's projects: Christmas edition

The reason this blog is named copy-craft is that I get most of my inspiration from other people's projects. There's a lot out there to be inspired by, starting with my own family. My matriarchal line is very artistic and creative - I wish I had picked up a little more of their knitting/sewing-related skills as evidenced here.

So while the puppy and I are headed to Michigan to celebrate with these ladies and more, here are a couple of my most special hand-made Christmas decorations:

Snowflake ornaments, made by Great Grandma Vander Wal
Lots of people in the family have these beautiful snowflake ornaments made by my great grandma, and when I got married, she gave me some of my own. I have the perfect amount for decorating the mini tree that is in our bay window.

Wedding angel, made by Grandma Vange
My grandma took a piece of my wedding dress (that was chopped off the bottom in the alteration process because I'm a bit short...) and made this lovely angel out of it. But even more, she incorporated fabric from her own wedding dress and items from two of my great grandmas.

Dress and cape: from my wedding dress
Arms, legs, and wings: from my Grandma Vange's wedding dress

Hair ornament: earring from my Great Grandma (Tanis) Sterken
Necklace: from Great Grandma Vander Wal's wedding headpiece

"Bouquet" pendant: purchased by Grandma Vange in Ravenna on my
high school graduation trip to Italy.

Note explaining all of the items along with photos from Great Grandma Vander Wal's wedding, Grandma Vange's wedding, and my wedding, plus Grandma Vange and me in Italy.

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