Thursday, January 6, 2011

get organized - craft center

Since I'm supposed to be busy packing for vacation as well as running errands, cleaning the house, working, and taking down Christmas decorations before we leave on Saturday, I'm of course instead organizing with Domestically Speaking's month-long assignments.

Domestically Speaking

This week's assignment is to tackle a storage area - I would say my basement craft center counts in this category, and this is what it looked like after making Christmas crafts and unpacking (i.e., dumping) from Christmas in Michigan. Yikes.

I have lots of projects I want to get started on when I get back from Mexico, so now I'll be ready to go - since I actually have access to the table! - and be able to get back to posting crafts.

the floor is visible again! everything back in its place and a bunch of things
moved to a garage sale pile on the other side of the basement.

new sewing machine eagerly awaiting my return from Mexico...
some essentials that live on the table on my adorable $5 Ikea tray
a home for everything makes me happy

(Oh, and in further shirking of necessary to do items: I've also already done next week's assignment, kitchen spaces, which will post over here while I'm gone next week...)

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  1. I think you did a great job. Love your use of shelves. It is funny I looked at that pic of the pencils on the tray and thought that pencil holders had a pattern on them... then looked closer and saw it was just glasses on that cute tray.
    I found you from Domestically speaking. Would love for you to stop by and link up to my Organizing Mission - Monday link party. I keep it open until sat. nights. I'm not on blogger anymore.. so going to leave my link so you can have a direct link. Thanks


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