Monday, January 17, 2011


I love everything to have a place. And therefore I love pegboards. I've always wanted one for organizing regular tools as well as crafty tools ... and thanks to Peter still having a few days off after we returned from our trip, I'm in the process of getting them installed for both the tool area and the craft center!

In the tool storage area of the basement, the pegboard will start at the height of our "workbench" (an old desk) and go to the ceiling. And in my craft center, I'm getting a floor to ceiling, 3-foot wide section, which will be perfect for tool storage/display as well as art display (since the basement walls are concrete so it's difficult to hang much else).

I can't wait for the installation to be complete so I can get in there and organize... unfortunately I'm totally swamped with work after our vacation and have another trip coming up at the end of this week (work, not pleasure, this time). So I'm not going to be able to fit in a whole lot of organizing, much less crafting, any time soon.

Instead I leave you with some fabulous pegboard inspiration:

from Canadian House & Home via LGN - I've seen those little canisters at Ikea

from BHG - I think I need a spool rack like that for my new machine!
Also BHG - the paper-covered tin cans are a great idea
Also from BHG - so clever to use a painted mailbox to hold greeting cards

wrapping center from Martha

More from Martha

And a tip - if you're doing a smaller board, look for leftover scraps from other peoples' projects at the hardware store. We're sort of piecing ours together, so we were able to get two pretty good sized remnant pieces for $1 each...


  1. My new classroom has an entire wall of pegboard, this is so helpful! Thanks Anne!
    kathy Dykstra


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