Tuesday, April 26, 2011


In high school and early college I was really into making mosaics - I plastered my cut up glass onto everything from birdbaths to flower pots to mirror frames to birdbaths to table tops. When I was home recently, I helped my mom lead a ladies' night out where we did mosaic flower pots, and it made me start scheming about some flower pots and a bird bath for my yard....

[cut glass]

Mosaic making is fun, but it does have a bit of a danger factor with the shards created from cutting up the glass, so ideally you need a separate space (where people don't walk a lot, preferably not carpeted), and accumulating all the necessary supplies can be a little pricey. But all those pretty glass pieces are tempting me.... Especially because they can be turned into these fabulous things:

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  1. We always think of your artistic side when we look at the birdbath and pot you made for us.

    Meenum and G. Judy


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