Friday, April 22, 2011

spring cleaning checklists

It's going to be chores before play (repainting my recent finds) for me this weekend - I haven't done any spring cleaning yet and really should. I have no excuse to avoid it on Saturday as (a) my hubby is working all day & all night and (b) it's supposed to rain a bunch.

For me, all tasks are more appealing when list making is involved and infinitely more satisfying to complete when I get to check them off, so I made a couple springy lists for myself. I adapted many of the items from Martha Stewart's spring cleaning and spring maintenance lists, left off a few that didn't apply, and added a few of my own. If you're inspired (or just feeling obligated) to do some cleaning too, you can print them too: indoors PDF, outdoors PDF.

While I was at it, I also adapted Martha's monthly cleaning list and added a few items of my own. I think I'll laminate it so I can reuse every month, and maybe those tasks I tend to neglect in favor of more fun stuff will actually get accomplished.


  1. I love your lists! There is nothing better than marking off completed tasks and using these will make the chores far less arduous!!!

  2. Oh my gosh - spring cleaning is around the corner! Yikes! Thanks for the list - it will definitely come in handy!

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