Thursday, June 9, 2011

pompom trim scarf

Everybody's talking about Pinterest lately, and I've wholeheartedly joined this bandwagon (my pins here). I previously had a completely unwieldy online bookmark list of ideas, but now I can stick them on my virtual pinboards - it's much more convenient & fun to keep track of these things with pretty pictures!

Now I'm developing quite a visual collection of projects to do, so it's time to start doing some of them. First up, this adorable DIY pompom scarf I pinned from What I Wore.

I followed her tutorial to turn this fun & flowy clearance rack fabric into a scarf. As a bonus, I finally had an excuse to buy some of the adorable pompom trim that I always eye at Michaels...

I'm pretty pleased with my new summer scarf - though this was supposed to be a really quick project... and in my beginner sewer-ness I didn't really think about how this fabric wouldn't want to have a nice fold ironed into it. So it was a bit difficult to work with but still turned out cute as long as no one looks too closely. Plus with my clearance row fabric and coupon on the trim, it was slightly cheaper than buying a scarf PLUS gave me sewing practice (my new excuse for spending money at the craft store).

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  1. This is absolutely adorable! How fun are pom poms, right? I saw your thumbnail over at TT & J and had to peek in and say hi!


    P.S. I am a self taught, amateur sewer too but you are attempting ones that totally would scare me!! You are my sewing hero. :)

  2. Cute! And any excuse is a good one for craft store shopping!


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