Wednesday, August 10, 2011

embroidery thread

Whoops, life kind of got in the way of any type of crafting for a couple days there...

One supply that's really easy to accumulate is embroidery thread. It's so cheap! And comes in so many fun colors! But it's not like I do all that much embroidery...
 (Sadly, that is pretty much what my stash looks like, stored 
in a Ziploc bag. Need to work on organization for that one!)

Luckily there are friendship bracelet tutorials going around, a great way to use some of that thread. And give your hands something to do while you're watching TV.

I followed this tutorial, which just leaves the ends long so the bracelets can be tied on. But doing that by yourself is nigh unto impossible, so I tried a couple solutions. I braided the ends of one and added some ribbon clasps I had left over from another project. On another I added a bead to one end and made a loop with the other.

Still not super easy to put on without assistance (or elegant looking), but that's just how bracelets go sometimes... Any other brilliant solutions out there?


  1. How many did you make? I am super impressed. It took me forever to make 1! Nice work.

  2. cool blog, I'm a new follower from the hop...stop by keeping up with kristi


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