Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's been fall ideas and talk left and right on all the craft and decor blogs I follow... but it's sooo hot and humid where I live that it's hard to think about that! And anyway, I've been working on planning a fiesta themed party - the bright colors are keeping me in summer craft mode.

The party was with my husband's co-workers and their families, to celebrate two of them who are getting married this fall. We made it more party than wedding shower and a fiesta seemed gender neutral - all the guys want is food & drinks anyway, so I didn't go overboard with the theme - just a couple projects.

For invitations, I used a chevron design from these free printable invitations, added a fiesta-like font, and then printed them on bright paper.

And then for some simple decorations, I made papel picado banners following the folding tutorial here. It was super easy (and kind of addicting) to make these cutouts, and then I glued a ribbon on to make them into a banner.

One of my co-hostesses made a festive tissue paper rose pinata following the tutorial here; unfortunately I didn't get a good picture, because it was amazing. I helped her make tissue paper flowers for a while - they were really easy, but you need tons, so the project takes a really long time.

For food, we did pretty simple Mexican-type fare: tacos, chips with salsa/guacamole, Corona. I also made some Mexican chocolate cookies with a pinch of cayenne - a fun twist on a chocolate cookie.


  1. Anne! This is adorable. Great job on the invites and banners. Sounds like a fun party!

  2. Do you know the name of the font?


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