Tuesday, January 4, 2011

crafty resolutions

It's the time of year for making resolutions... I have lots of crafting and blog posting ideas swimming around, but I thought a few resolutions were in order to make sure I actually get to some of these projects!

1. Create a couple fun regularly featured project series - which will keep me accountable both in getting posts up and projects done!

2. Join in with Project ReStyle, to give new life to used items. Not sure I'll have time to do one every week, but at least every couple of weeks - a good way to do crafts on a budget and be earth friendly.

3. Sign up for a sewing class, so I can use my new machine to its fullest!

4. Come up with my homemade Christmas ideas in the summer and get started to avoid last-minute crafting. Same with Christmas cards.


  1. I started my "Christmas Crafts" semi early this year, and it really helped. This year I'm going to start even earlier, and then I can make even more!

  2. Sounds like good cottage projects to me.


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